Dasher Must Be Active to Schedule Dashes (Guide)

DoorDash is a top-notch food delivery service that allows people to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their comfort zone.

In a bid prompt responses to customers and to meet the demand for delivery services, DoorDash relies on a fleet of dispatchers or drivers known as Dashers.

If you’re a Dasher, you don’t need anyone to tell you that scheduling dashes are an important part of the job. Nevertheless, to schedule dashes, your Dasher account must be active.

Read on, we’ll find reliable tips on what it means to be an active Dasher, why it’s important for scheduling dashes, and how to ensure your account stays active.

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What Does It Mean To Be An Active Dasher?

To become a DoorDash driver, one of the first steps is to apply and be approved. During the application process, DoorDash will have to verify your information and check your driving record.

Immediately you’re approved, then you can start accepting orders and making some money as a Dasher.

Being an active Dasher simply means that you’re currently approved to work for DoorDash and have completed all requirements, such as passing an underground check and providing a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Your Dasher account is your access to the DoorDash platform, where you can accept delivery requests, track your earnings, and schedule more dashes.

Why Is It Important To Be An Active Dasher When Scheduling Dashes?

As a Dasher, you have the flexibility to choose when you want to work. However, to make sure that there are enough drivers available to meet the demand, DoorDash offers the chance for dashers to schedule dashes in time.

A dash is a shift during which a dasher can accept delivery requests. To schedule a dash, you need to have an active Dasher account.

If your account is inactive, you will not be able to log into the DoorDash platform or schedule dashes. This means you’ll miss out on any potential earnings and the chance to build your reputation as a reliable delivery driver.

Moreso, if you’re not an active Dasher, you can’t be able to receive any delivery requests from customers.

Hence,  you won’t be able to make money as a DoorDash driver, and you’ll lose out on the opportunity to expand your experience and build your reputation as a go-to delivery driver.

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How To Ensure Your Dasher Account Stays Active

Now that you rightly understand the need to be an active Dasher, let’s go over some tips to help you make sure your account stays active.

1. Check Your Email Regularly

DoorDash reaches out to its drivers through email. Always consider it necessary to check your email regularly and respond promptly to any messages or notifications from DoorDash.

For example, DoorDash may send you a notification if your account is about to be deactivated or if there are any updates to the DoorDash platform.

2. Maintain A High Level Of Customer Service

As a DoorDash driver, you’re a representative of the company and its values. It’s of high value to provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Here are some tips for providing great customer service:

3. Be punctual

When it comes to providing services, you can’t over-emphasize that punctuality is relevant. So you’re expected to deliver orders on time or even earlier if possible.

This will prove to customers that you’re reliable and prompt.

4. Communicate Effectively

Sometimes, you may encounter issues with the delivery, so it is highly recommended to reach out to the customer and keep them informed.

For example, if there’s a delay in the delivery, you’ll need to put the customer in the picture as soon as possible.

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5. Be Polite And Professional

Try as much to treat customers with due respect and kindness. Never forget that you’re representing DoorDash, so it’s important to maintain a professional demeanor.

6. Complete Deliveries Within The Set Time

DoorDash has set a minimum delivery time that a dasher must meet up with. Hence it’s very important to meet the requirement to achieve customer satisfaction.

Note: If you regularly fail to deliver within the set time, your account may be flagged as inactive or at risk of deactivation.

Endeavor to plan your routes and deliveries effectively to make sure you can meet the delivery time requirement.

7. Maintain A High Completion Rate

As a Dasher, you’re expected to accept and complete a good number of delivery requests. If you always decline or cancel orders, your completion rate may drop, and your account will be at risk of deactivation.

Try to be accepting as many orders as you can and deliver them to the best of your ability.

8. Stay Up To Date With DoorDash Policies And Updates

DoorDash can update its policies and procedures from time to time. Don’t forget to stay informed and up to date with any optimal changes to ensure that you’re following the rules and regulations set by DoorDash.

For example, DoorDash recently implemented a new policy that requires Dashers to put on face masks while making deliveries. Endeavor to follow any new policies or updates to avoid being penalized or losing your account.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, we have been able to walk you through the concept of DoorDash, Dashers, and dashes as promised at the beginning of this article.

Note that being an active Dasher is crucial for scheduling dashes and possibly earning money as a DoorDash driver.

Don’t fail to regularly check your email, provide swift customer service, complete deliveries on time, maintain a high completion rate, and stay up to date with DoorDash policies and updates to ensure your account stays active.

If you follow these tips closely,  you can increase your earnings and build your reputation as a reliable and successful DoorDash driver.

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