Does Frys Take Apple Pay

With the recent usage of electronic mobile payment methods, using contactless means of making payments has actually become a new trend.

Payment methods and services such as Apple Pay have grown to become widely accepted by individuals, food chains, and a lot of other organizations accepting the mobile payment method developed by Apple.

In fact, about 8 out of 10 Americans or people residing in the United States actually use Apple Pay to make payments and it is no surprise that while shopping at grocery stores like Frys, you will want to use it as your preferred payment method.

In this article, we will be sharing with you every information that you should know regarding the usage of Apple Pay at Frys. Here, we will be answering the question – does Frys take Apple Pay?

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Does Frys Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Frys does not accept Apple Pay. The popular American grocery store does not accept it when their customers shop at their store and proceed to make payment via Apple Pay.

Why Does Frys Not Take Apple Pay?

As I had earlier revealed, Fry’s does not take Apple Pay. It does not allow its customers to make payments via Apple Pay as the cost which Frys and most other grocery stores pay as fees for using the payment service is actually quite high.

Especially, considering the fact that Frys and most of the other grocery stores or organizations do not even ask their customers to pay fees for using any of the payment services.

What Payment Methods Does Frys Take?

Having known that Frys, a popular grocery store in the United States does not accept Apple Pay, one will be prompted to ask “What payment methods do Frys then accept?”.

Well, Frys actually accepts a lot of other payment methods. And below are a list of payment methods accepted at Frys.

  • Kroger Pay
  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

How To Make Payment At Frys Using The Accepted Payment Methods

There are a lot of payment methods accepted at Frys. And as I had earlier revealed, these payment methods include Debit cards and credit cards, cash, and Kroger Pay, a mobile payment method, similar to Apple Pay. Here are steps on how to make payment at Frys using the accepted payment methods –

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1. Cash –

  • Visit Frys’ official store
  • Select the items that you wish to buy
  • Proceed to the counter, where you will be making the payment
  • Inform them that you will be making payment via cash
  • Get the total amount of items
  • Give them the money in cash

2. Card (Debit Card and Credit Card) –

  • Visit any of the Frys official stores closest to you
  • Select the items that you wish to buy
  • Proceed to the counter, where you will be making the payment for the items that you have picked
  • Inform them that you will be paying via card (either debit card or credit card)
  • Get the cost of items that you are buying
  • Have them make the payment by swiping the card.

3. Kroger Pay –

  • Set up your Kroger pay
  • Visit the Cookout official store closest to you or anyone of your choice
  • Select the items that you wish to buy
  • Proceed to the counter, where you will be making the payment for the items that you have picked
  • Scan your biometrics or enter your 4 digit pin to sign in to your Kroger pay account
  • Using your device, scan the QR code on the item scanner
  • Proceed to checkout, where you will accept the payment

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Fees For Using Other Payment Methods At Frys

There are no fees for making payments at Fry’s using any of their payment methods. Frys mainly avoided using Apple Pay to make payments because of their crazy fee.

However, Fry’s customers do not pay fees whenever they shop at Frys and make payments via any of their approved payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fry’s Accept Mobile Pay?

Yes, Frys accept mobile payment methods. A mobile payment method that Frys actually accepts is Kroger Pay which, as I had said earlier, works similarly to Apple Pay.

Do All Fry’s Store Outlets Accept Apple Pay?

No, no Fry store outlets accept Apple Pay. They have other means of payment, including cash.

Should I Use Apple Pay At Frys?

Although using Apple Pay might be quite convenient, especially for those of us who have used it for quite a long time now, you should not use Apple Pay at Frys. In fact, Frys do not even accept payments made via Apple Pay.

Is It Free To Use Other Payment Methods At Frys?

Yes, it is absolutely free to use other payment methods at Fry. You do not have to worry about charges or any hidden fees whenever you shop at Frys and want to make a payment.

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