How To Disable Ctrl Shift QQ (Full Guide)

Keyboard Shortcuts are pretty nice to use on our day activities on our makes it easier to achieve some functions without doing the long walk. This may be same as your thought until you mistakenly close all running tabs on Chromebook, hence you see the need of learning how to disable Ctrl Shift QQ on your PC.

This article will walk you through different ways to deactivate Ctrl Shift QQ across platforms. Diving into your system’s keyboard settings to  alter some default  operations is the simplest way to disable the “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” shortcut.

This may vary from system to we’ll be teaching you the steps to achieve this across systems.

1. For Chrome OS/ Browser:

After a successful launch of the browser, head on to click the 3 dots on the top right corner of the browser.

  • Click on Settings from the drop down.
  • Head down and click on Advanced
  • Check for Keyboard Shortcuts and click on it
  • Carefully select the shortcut you wish to deactivate and click on the 3 dots by the right.
  • Now Click the Remove option

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If you follow these steps accordingly, you’re sure to have disabled “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” on your chrome browser.

For Windows Operating system, you’ll have to head to the system’s control panel and then

  • First step is to Click on the Ease of Access Option.
  • Choose Keyboard from the drop down.
  • Head to the “Sticky Keys” section and deselect  “Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts”.

Unchecking this command will automatically deactivate all shortcut functions, including Ctrl Shift QQ.

For Mac Operating system,go to System Preferences, you’ll find the settings options,then

  • Click on the Keyboard settings option.
  • Choose the Shortcuts tab.
  • Select the App Shortcuts.
  • Click the “add” button to include your desired shortcut.
  • Select the app you wish to deactivate its shortcut function and type in “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” as the title of the menu.
  • Let the keyboard shortcut field be empty.
  • Click Add to disable “Ctrl + Shift + QQ”

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After you must have successfully added this shortcut function on the list, you have  disabled “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” on your Mac System.

However, Just before you disable the Ctrl + Shift + QQ” function on your device, it is important to let you know what  Ctrl + Shift + QQ” shortcut is used for in the system. This may help you make an informed decision on whether or not the shortcut should still be enabled.

What Does Ctrl Shift QQ Function On The System

It is not practical to be specific about the function of the “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” shortcut on a system, since it solely depends on the program that is run on the system.

But in most common cases, the  “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” is known as the  shortcut  function used for closing an application or the window of a running program.

A user can also set it as the  shortcut to lock a system for privacy and security, as well as log out of a program or switch a user after performing a task without a warning dialogue box.

In other instances , “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” can also be used as a shortcut to trigger  a particular action or command on extensions and addons by default.

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What Are Ctrl-Shift QQ Alternatives

There are always many ways to kill a rat, the same thing applies to the alternatives of “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” shortcut on a system… but this is dependent on the particular function you are looking to execute.

Let’s get into some of the most practical alternatives shortcut functions to using the controversial “Ctrl + Shift + QQ” If you are looking to close an application, you can use the “Ctrl + Q” shortcut or the “Alt + F4” shortcut.

  • Suppose you want to copy text, you can make use of the “Ctrl + C” shortcut.
  • For pasting a  text you copied, the “Ctrl + V” shortcut is the best alternative.
  • The “Ctrl + Z” shortcut is used to undo an action taken on the computer.
  • If you’re looking to select all text on a page, “Ctrl + A” shortcut is your surest bet.
  • Using the “Shift + Tab” shortcut helps a user to move backwards along fields.
  • Suppose you wish to open the context menu, Using the “Shift + F10” shortcut would serve.
  • For locking the screen on Windows of your system, you can make use of the “Windows key + L” shortcut.
  • “Alt + F4” shortcut is used to log out of a window after performing a task.
  • For logging out of the window on Mac OS, the “Shift + Command + Q” shortcut can be applied.

Though these shortcuts are commonly used.. it may have some functional variations across operational systems. If you find it a little different, just look up what’s applicable to your operating system.

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What Are The Functions Of Shift Key On Systems

There are a number of various functions the  “Shift” keys on a keyboard can perform…Depending on the context they are implemented. Here is the list of some  commonly used functions of the “Shift” keys:

  • The shift key is used to switch between the lower and upper cases of letters when used in combination with the letter’s
  • The shift key is also combined with other keys to execute shortcuts and commands.

For Example:

  • Shift + the Arrow keys is used to select text on a page.
  • Shift + Delete key is combined to cut text.
  • Shift + Tab key is used to scroll backwards through a work space or field.
  • Shift + F10 is combined to open the context menu of a system.
  • For cases of accessing more characters and symbols on the keyboard, the “Shift Key” is combined with a letter key.

Depending on  the operating system of your device, these functions and commands may vary in applications. However, look up for the exact shortcuts that applies therein.

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