Tips To Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 124

Have you been affected by the Paramount Plus error code 124? One of the most recent errors that Paramount Plus streamers seem to get is the Paramount Plus error code 124. 

The Paramount Plus error code 124 is a new error code noticed by Paramount Plus streamers. This error actually stops the streamer from streaming their favorite series or show on Paramount Plus.

Here, we will analyze the Paramount plus error code 124. Sharing with you every information that you should know regarding the error code, possible reasons for it, and also, how to solve them. So, without further ado, let us proceed –

Possible Reasons For The Paramount Plus Error Code 124

Although there is no clear-cut explanation by Paramount+ or Paramount Global, the parent company of the Paramount+ streaming service, as to why the Paramount plus error code 124 actually occurs, there are still a few likely reasons that we believe might lead to the Paramount plus error code 124.

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Here are a few things that we believe might cause the error – 

1. Incompatible Device 

Using an Incompatible device could lead to using the Paramount plus error code. Incompatible devices are basically devices that are outdated or have a lower version.

2. Using Firefox While Tracking Protection Is Turned On 

Another reason why the Paramount plus error code 124 could occur is due to using the Firefox browser while the tracking protection feature settings have been turned on.

3. Infected Web Browser  

Also, using an infected web browser could lead to the Paramount plus error code 124 showing while you are streaming or just about to stream a show.

However, this might only occur while you are streaming Paramount+ directly from your mobile phone or a web browser. 

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4. Poor Internet Connection 

Another reason why you could have the Paramount Plus error code 124 is due to a poor or faulty internet connection. Faulty or poor internet connection tends to lead to errors.

How Do I Fix Error 124 On Paramount Plus?

Having known the causes of error 124 on your Paramount+, it will be quite easy to know how to fix them. Here are steps on how to fix the Paramount error 124 on Paramount Plus – 

1. Restart Your Device 

No matter the reason for your Paramount Plus error 124, restarting your device is the best way you can try to fix the error. This way, you simply allow it to reset, in case it has some technical problems. 

2. Turn Off Tracking Protection In Firefox 

Another method of fixing the Paramount Plus error 124 is via turning off tracking protection if you are using Firefox. Here are steps on how to turn off tracking protection on your Firefox – 

  • Tap on the lock or keypad icon on the browser, in the address bar of the website.
  • Tap on the Enhance Tracking Protection to turn it off for the Paramount Plus streaming site.

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3. Clear Browser Cache 

You could also solve the Paramount Plus 124 error by also clearing the cache on your browser. Here are steps on how to clear the cache on the popular Chrome browser – 

  • Open your Chrome Browser 
  • Tap on the MORE
  • Select MORE Tools 
  • Select the time that you want to clear the Chrome browser cache.
  • Alongside cookies and other site data, tap on “Clear Cache”.

Can I Get An Error Code On Paramount Plus?

Yes, you can actually get an error code on your Paramount Plus. And one such error that you could get is error 124. Above, I have revealed what could cause this error, and shown you possible ways how to solve the error.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Could The Paramount Plus Error Code 124 Be Caused By My Region?

No, the Paramount plus error 124 can not be caused by region. And the reason for this is that several people in the same location have confirmed to be using Paramount Plus freely, while others in the same location, have also had the Paramount Plus error code 124.

Can Ad Blockers Be Responsible For The Paramount Plus Error Code 124?

Yes,  there could also be responsible for the Paramount plus error code 124. However,  this is mostly seen whenever you want to playback. 

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